WACOR's Program Management Policy



WACOR's reputation as an electronic systems contractor is derived from its broadly conceived yet carefully detailed approach to its work. Its approach starts with clear definitions and an understanding of what needs to be done and when it must be done. This is followed by assignment of a thoroughly experienced program manager and personnel who are supported by all the necessary resources within WACOR.

WACOR begins by defining the responsibility and authority of the program manager in terms of the client's required scope of work and then provides the appropriate personnel resources and program management tools. The specific organizational structure selected for a client' program is tailored to the requirements of each program.

As WACOR's primary representative in all project matters and as the focal point of all project communications, the program manger is responsible for the day-to-day management and administration of his program. Because our program managers have full responsibility for the technical and administrative success of their programs, their primary objective is the completion of the work on time and within budget. To realize this, they have the authority and responsibility to mobilize the resources necessary to meet the requirements of their project. WACOR's program managers thus control their staffing, monitor costs and work progress, and anticipate and forecast future progress.

The successes of WACOR's programs are also attributable to its matrix organization. While each person within the company has regular tasks, the most qualified personnel are obtained for assignment or consultation to specific program teams. The matrix structure also facilitates the flow of technical information among programs and provides a means of drawing upon the skills and expertise of specialists and senior personnel on a part-time or as-needed basis.

WACOR structures its program organization (Figure 1) to provide the most efficient combination of authority and responsibility. The organizational structure selected is based on proven, effective structures that have been tailored to the requirements of the proposed program.

With its extensive background in international electronic systems, WACOR is in a unique position to execute client programs in a cost-effective and timely manner.


Management Tools

WACOR employs two basic tools that directly benefit each program. They are computerized program management systems and configuration control.

WACOR maintains a complete set of computerized cost and schedule control programs accessible through a terminal in each program manager's office. These programs facilitate accurate call-up and assessment of program expenditures and progress. They are developed to the degree of precision and complexity required for each program, and can provide information in tabular or graphic form.

WACOR's configuration control ensures complete control of all documentation including drawings, specifications, and operation and maintenance manuals. The system also provides an accurate record of all changes to documents as well as the effective date of changes to hardware. This ensures traceability of equipment and material in the field.



WACOR's philosophy includes two levels of quality review, program and discipline, while the work is being performed. To ensure that work meets program standards, each program engineer is responsible to the program manager for the technical excellence of assigned project tasks. The engineer is also accountable to his own chief engineer for the technical quality of his work.