WACOR's Program Management Policy



WACOR's quality assurance program utilizes methods and procedures commonly used in the installation and assembly of similar systems in the United States. The quality function will encompass all phases of system installation and operation and will be involved in the following:

·              Equipment/component testing at WACOR’s and/or the subcontractor’s facilities

·              In-process and final inspection procedures

·              Quality procedure training at the client’s site

·              Assembly and subassembly test procedures

·              Calibration requirements for inspection and test equipment

·              Procured parts, assemblies, and raw material inspection

·              Traceability


Equipment Testing at the Subcontractor's Site

During the equipment/component procurement phase, WACOR Quality Assurance personnel will establish and monitor the quality requirements for each subcontractor.

The equipment supplied by WACOR will be source inspected. The acceptance of equipment and components for system integration will be based on a successful trial run-off at the vendor's and/or WACOR's facility.


Operational Startup of Equipment On Site

All the equipment and components will be installed, normally, by the client's personnel with WACOR technical supervision. WACOR will provide installation manuals and drawings, technical assistance, and technical supervision. Qualification of equipment and components after installation will be accomplished by:


·              Run-off of all equipment and components

·              Total System Verification

Inspection Procedures

As part of the total quality package, WACOR will supply complete inspection procedures listing the elements to be inspected, the method of inspection, and accept/reject criteria.


Various types of testing will be performed throughout the entire installation process. WACOR will provide a procedure for each test. Where appropriate, the test procedures will be integrated with the installation and operations procedures.

Procured Parts Inspection

WACOR will provide source inspection for all parts and components to be supplied under the terms of the contract. The inspection method will be based on U.S. specification requirements where appropriate.

Traceability System

To control product flow through the installation inspection, and test stations, WACOR proposes the use of a tag system. This system will be designed to provide traceability of each component and material back to the raw material or receiving inspection lot. The tag will contain all the product traceability information and will provide a permanent record of the as-built configuration. The inspection procedures will contain examples of the traceability forms and information on their proper use.