WACOR's Systems Approach



WACOR is a prime contractor of customized, integrated electronic systems, and as such, combines the skills of its professional personnel with state-of-the-art technology and extensive contract experience to solve electronic system requirements. Electronic Systems are WACOR’s main business area. WACOR provides domestic and international customers with electronics-related services such as

·              Consultancy and program management

·              Site Survey with recommendation reports

·              Proposal submissions

·              Specification writing

·              System design and engineering

·              System integration

·              Procurement

·              System testing

·              System drawings

·              System O&M manuals

·              Installation

·              System operation

·              System maintenance

·              Logistics support

·              Training

·              Follow-on Support



WACOR uses a well proven systematic approach to define, design and implement each custom designed electronic system. Items which are important to this approach are as follows:

·              On-site survey

·              Customer requirement

·              Needs analysis

·              Preliminary design

·              Customer review

·              Final design

·              Critical customer review

·              System procurement and test

·              Factory integrated system test

·              System installation

·              Operational Acceptance Test

·              Documentation

·              Customer training

·              WACOR follow-on support


Although WACOR considers these phased steps important to complete customer satisfaction, the customer may not require all these steps for his system and has the option to select the phases he feels are important to his system.




On-Site Survey

Any electronic system is only as effective as the information gathered prior to initial system design. The key activity, which allows WACOR to obtain this important information, is a detailed on-site survey. Our engineering staff reviews construction drawings, visits the site if under construction and participates in meetings with the customer's staff to establish each system requirement.

WACOR engineers conduct environmental studies that ensure that proposed electronic measures are compatible with the building structures and surroundings.


Customer Requirements

During the site survey, it becomes very important to fully understand what the customer requires of his electronic system. From discussions, WACOR will identify the system operation and functionality by performing a complete needs analysis.


Needs Analysis

A need analysis is performed which defines subsystem tasks corresponding to the needs or risks identified during the customer requirement phase of the program.

This completed needs analysis becomes the basis for WACOR's preliminary design.


Preliminary Design

A preliminary design is made based on the customer-approved needs analysis.

This design integrates the various subsystems into a fully operable, functional system. Intercommunications between subsystems are identified and designed.


Customer Review

After completion of the preliminary design, a meeting is held between WACOR and the customer (in Lancaster or on site). In this meeting, the customer can add, delete or make changes to the system design. Explanations of subsystem functionality are performed by the WACOR engineering staff. All customer questions and concerns are addressed.


Final Design

The final design is performed immediately following the customer review phase of the program. All changes required to accommodate the customer review are implemented. Long lead items, for subsystems whose designs are not altered during the review phase, are ordered at this time.


Critical Customer Review

A critical customer review is performed on the final system design to ensure that all customer-initiated changes have been accomplished satisfactorily and the customer needs have been bet. Last-minute customer changes can be addressed at this time. This meeting can be held either in Lancaster or on site. Upon approval of this phase, system components will be procured.


System Procurement and Test

All components will be procured from reliable and well-established companies. The Components will be of the latest state-of-the-art technology but well proven in field use. An AQL level test will be performed on incoming components to ensure operability and compliance to specifications. These tests may be individual or subsystem in nature.


Factory Integrated System Test

When all subsystems have been tested, the subsystems will be integrated into a representative total system configuration and tested for system compliance. During this phase, it is vital that the customer be present in Lancaster for the integrated test. This test ensures the operation and functionality of the total system prior to shipment of materials to the installation site.


System Installation

Upon receipt of equipment by the customer, a WACOR installation team will begin to install the system components. Based upon the customer requirement, WACOR can utilize customer's manpower with WACOR's supervision or WACOR can provide all necessary personnel to accomplish this phase of the program.


Operational Acceptance Test

Upon the completion of the installation, an operational acceptance test will be performed with the customer. This test is designed to show the customer that all aspects of the security system are functional. The test acceptance is the milestone, which passes the system from WACOR to the customer. System warranty usually begins at this time.



WACOR's documentation department provides design drawings, installation drawings, operation manuals and maintenance manuals according to customer requirements. The WACOR engineering staff has many years of experience in the production of documentation. Translation services can be provided.


Customer Training

If desired by the customer, WACOR can provide detailed operational training for the system operators. WACOR can also provide system operation for some specified period of time to ensure complete training for operators before WACOR leaves the site.

Also, if desired by the customer, WACOR can provide maintenance training for system repair technicians. This can be accomplished in two ways. First, the customer's repair technicians can be sent to Lancaster to be trained by the WACOR technicians during the test and integration period. Second, the customer's technicians can be provided OJT during the installation phase of the program. Factory maintenance training could be made available for selected subsystems.


WACOR Follow-on Support

WACOR will [provide the customer with complete follow-on support. These services could include additional training, spare parts, maintenance, modifications and s ystem enlargement, to name a few. Consultant services are also available when initially planning new construction with electronic system requirements.